Elderberry immune shots



Our Elderberry Immune Syrup with Aronia is now available in 1oz shot size. Perfect for traveling or sampling the product! Offering 100% fresh-pressed extract from the two highest antioxidant rich berries according to the ORAC (oxidative radical absorption capacity)

Our Elderberry Immune Syrup with Aronia is formulated for soothing relief during times of seasonal stress, and maximum immune support year round. Using only 100% Fresh-Pressed American Elderberry from our family farm and network of local growers, never from dried or imported elderberry and combined with USDA Organic, Fresh-Pressed, American-grown Aronia berry for maximum antioxidants! Our proprietary blend is sweetened with raw honey, and infused with organic ceylon cinnamon, organic ginger, organic cloves, and wild-crafted Elderflower.

Less than 1% by volume: Citric Acid from Cassava Root


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