What are you doing to prepare for how Corona Virus could impact you?

I am sitting here worrying.   I’m worrying about my former students studying abroad who are trying to get home.  I am worried about my student that has Cystic Fibrosis. I am worried about my students who have asthma. I am worried about my pregnant employee who is due so soon.  I am worried about my daughter, my brothers and my parents, all of us have heart issues. I am worried.

I am not one to sit idly and stew about things that bother me.  I take action. So I am doing all the things. Mainstream and woo-woo.   I have my diffuser of Thieves going, with frankincense and raven. I have ordered 2 gallons of nixall disinfectant to spray on myself and the surfaces of the dance studio and considering misting the kiddos as they enter.  I have used Clorox wipes on every surface I have, and my hands are raw.

What is bringing me comfort?  People are communicating. People are reaching out and sharing information on how to be proactive in taking preventive measures.  I learned about nixall through a dance mom. I learned the combination of antiviral Young Living blends to diffuse through a friend.  My dearest friend in Little Rock and I are doing dance videos to stream for our lessons and sharing with each other to get through this crisis with our students still dancing.

Can we avoid this virus?  Probably not. Something like this is scary, unknown and appears to be inevitable.  Can we take measures to protect ourselves and be proactive? Absolutely. Here are the things I have found.  There is a lot of information out there that may be true or may be bogus, but I weeded through the ones I felt were common sense.


Duh.   You should wash your hands often anyway.  Hygiene.

Sanitary wipes like Clorox, wet wipes, lysol wipes you should carry on your person.  

Wipe your shopping cart handle, use them in your hand to open doors, if you are going to a doctors office or restaurant or public place, wipe off seats and table tops.  Who cares if people stare, who is going to get sick first? You or them?

Gargle with warm salt water.   I have always done this since childhood.  Especially when I had a sore throat. Supposedly temperatures above a certain degree kill the virus.  Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. But it doesn’t hurt to try.

Try to keep your hands off your face and out of your nose or mouth. 

Keep distance between yourself and others.  I am taking this time for Dave to try the bed in the guest bedroom.  We all must be vigilant. HA!

I am seeing so much positive within our community during this crisis.  That is encouraging to me. I feel people are being kinder, thoughtful and thinking about others.  In my observation it has been a minute since we have been concerned about more than our immediate wants and needs. 

The things I am praying for….. literally the world.   I am a type A super duper, OCD, control freak. I need structure and security in certain aspects of my life.  I think that would surprise a lot of people to know since I am such a creative person. But, it’s true. I need to know what  I am supposed to do for who, when and for how long. I am hugely concerned about how our bills are going to get paid because we own our own small businesses?  However, every single person in the world is in the same boat right now. Whether it is a multi-million dollar industry or a small Etsy hobby business. The domino effect of this virus on the economy, none of us can control.  Take a moment and digest that thought. I cannot use my mind to make this situation go away. I cannot act upon it and make a quarantine different, I cannot stop a person from making bad decisions and spreading the virus. What can I do?  Have Faith.  Faith that all my family, students and friends will be safe on the other side of this.  Faith that I will eventually catch up and recover what was lost. Faith that there is a greater plan in store for me down the road.  Faith that perspectives on what is important in my life is my family and their health. I am looking at this today as a moment of clarity in a world that is driven by over stimuli and self absorption on the daily.  I cannot control it. Accepting that and taking a big breath, and lifting it up, has lifted a weight off my shoulders.  

We are going to do our best to keep our customers supplied with the best viral fighter around – elderberries.  If you have questions or just want to reach out, we love getting messages and pictures on our Instagram. Stay healthy, dance and the elderberry community.   We appreciate and value you so much.

Elderberry gummies 

1 cup grape juice (bring to gentle boil)

½ cup elderberry wellness syrup

2 tbs honey

4 tbs Knox or an organic version (I use a bone meal collagen)

Don’t boil the honey or syrup – blend the honey and syrup in after the Knox and the grape juice mix.  Pour into molds and after they set refrigerate. 1-2 gummies daily for immune support. You can take multiple times daily if you get a cold or virus.  

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