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“Why Partner with Buehler Organics”

We are passionate advocates of sustainable crops. Through innovative farming practices and outstanding customer service we will help you from seed to sale.  From planting our organically grown elderberry cuttings/plants in your backyard to planting acres of American elderberry commercially.  With a track record of over a hundred acres of elderberry planted, we offer custom farm installations (based on region), and provide guidance every step of the way to ensure a successful elderberry crop. We are committed to sourcing the highest quality grown American elderberry and will contract the buy-back of your crop on an annual basis.

We are committed to supporting our farmers with resources for them to succeed and sustain their small farms, and also educate the at-home-grower to successfully grow their own plant medicine in their backyards.

Products & Services We Offer

Farmers and Home Growers Alike, We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you are interested in planting elderberry to sustain your family farm, already have a commercial plot of elderberry and need destemming equipment, or even just looking for a way to incorporate natural medicine into your home garden. We are your trusted source for all things American Elderberry (Sambucus Canadensis).

We also offer quality American grown elderberry supplements to retail stores through our Elder Farms brand.

Contact us today for more information on growing elderberry profitably.

Rooted Plants/Cuttings

Curated Varieties of American Elderberry Cuttings/Rooted Plants available for wholesale and retail.

Elderberry Destemming Equipment

Our proprietary mechanized elderberry destemmer greatly saves time and money and produces a ready-to-sell elderberry commodity. This machine drastically decreases the time to prep the berries to wash and be packaged. Lead time from purchase is minimum 8 weeks to deliver.

Elderberry Wellness Supplements

Top-quality, hand-crafted American Elderberry Supplements available for wholesale and retail customers. Please contact our team at Elder Farms for a wholesale application or to purchase our farm products directly.

Custom Elderberry Planting

If you’ve got land but no equipment, we offer a custom installation service that will take your area from prepped land to an expertly established elderberry orchard ready for you to nurture.  You can contact us to schedule a farm evaluation, and let us help you with finding resources to make that goal happen.

Meet The Team

David Buehler

Founding Partner

Ann Buehler

Founding Partner

Elizabeth Borntrager

Plant Sales

David Duncan

Nursery Manager

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three key differences

Why Choose American Elderberry Products over European Elderberry

Support Local Farms

Grown with care and pride in America’s farmland

Consistently Fresh Harvests

Always from fresh whole elderberries and never from dried berries.

Higher Nutrient Content

Higher in antioxidants and more stable for end products.

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“Excellent products great response time for questions. Great people behind scenes. Owners are awesome. Kind,gracious”

“The team and the products they make are absolutely wonderful! Made with love and care. The land host a multitude of things such as the plants/hemp that is harvest, the bee’s that graciously share their honey, and the gather of the beautiful community! With events such as farm to table. With many beautiful things to come!”

Set your farm up for success

Through our years of trials and errors, we’ve learned important lessons every step of the way that we are happy to share with you to help ensure a profitable and successful elderberry crop for years to come. Your success is our success.

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